Iced Cacao & Cinnamon Collagen Latte

June 17, 2017


I was craving something chocolatey and refreshing today so I decided to whip up this delicious iced cacao & cinnamon collagen latte. When you blend it up in a blender it's super frothy and so freakin' good. I used a new product by Tonic Products – their Gym & Tonic Collagen Protein (use code "chelseaafox" for 10% off)! It's grass-fed collagen with 20 grams of protein per serving and it's unflavored so you can mix it in anything and not even taste it. I'm definitely going to start using it in my smoothies too, but for now I'm loving this cacao cinnamon milky goodness.


If you haven't started adding collagen into your diet get on it! It's great for your hair and skin, reducing joint pain, healing your gut and boosting your metabolism. As we get older our body's collagen production slows down which is why it's important to use products like these to make sure your body has the proper amount of collagen to keep you feeling on your A-game. And the recipe below was TOO good. I'm going to be hooked on it now – refill please!





  • Cinnamon (sprinkle)




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September 30, 2017

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