Paradise Falls

November 15, 2015

Yesterday some friends and I spent a few hours hiking and exploring the trails at Paradise Falls in Thousand Oaks, CA. I recently purchased a book called, “101 Hikes in Southern California” and this hike happened to be the first one in the book! It was a shorter hike (only 2.7 miles), but it had a lot of very cool things to see and explore.



We hiked for about one mile before coming across our first attraction, a gigantic teepee.




After that, we made it to the beautiful waterfall. We stayed here for awhile and enjoyed the scenery before continuing the hike.




As we continued, we hiked alongside the long stream of water that was leading towards the waterfall which provided some really pretty views.




The next thing we came across was the “Indian Cave” which had a total Indiana Jones feel to it. Of course, we had to go inside and check it out. Once you’re inside, there is actually a small opening that you can climb through to come out on the other end.




The last part of the hike involved climbing up 300 feet of steps in less than one mile. That was quite the workout. This was such a great well-rounded hike with so many interesting things to see. I can’t wait to do another hike out of the book!

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September 30, 2017

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